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" Devil Charley"

#393. Received 250 acres taken up by Sanders Walker, On list of vouchers signed by Elijah Clark Colo

(1991), Golden CO, lives in

(1991), Highland CA, lives in

(1991), lives offshore

(1991), Pasadena TX, lives in

(1991), Redlands CA, lives in

(1991), Tomball TX, lives in

(Father's Home), Illinois, Williamson, Carterville



















016470 GA






















10 Batt'n. Georgia Infantry - War Between the States, Co E

102 years



10th TN Cavalry - Corporal, Co. D

10tn TN CAL - Union Forces, D Co








1st Baptist, CA, Bernardino, Redlands

1st Baptist, Louisiana, DeSoto, Mansfield







246-28-9340 issued in NC





























































3 years Spanish American War








415-10-9392 Issue in TN



















456-28-3064 Issued TX








5 years as nuclear officer on USS Enterprise off Vietnam


549-30-3899 - issued in CA







7/23/1965, Nashville




8th Reg. GA Cavalry

9th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Hillyer Rifles), Enlisted War Between the States Co. C

aka Dacula Methodist, Pleasant Hill Community Cemetery

AL 20564

AL, Albertville

AL, Altoona

AL, Anniston

AL, Barbour County, Baker Hill

AL, Barbour County, Lodi

AL, Barbour County

AL, Benton County

AL, Berry

AL, Bessemeal

AL, Bethlehem Meth Cemetery Cullman

AL, Birmingham

AL, Blount Co., Wynnville Cemetery

AL, Blount County, Gibbs Chapel Cemetery

AL, Blount County, Wynnville Cemetery

AL, Blount County

AL, Boyd

AL, Bullock County, Union Springs

AL, Calhoun County, Anniston

AL, Calhoun County

AL, Chandler Mountain

AL, Cherokee County, Centre

AL, Cherokee, Jamestown, Bethel Cemetery

AL, Cherokee

AL, Claiborn County

AL, Clay County

AL, Coffee County

AL, Conecuh County

AL, Coosa Co

AL, Cullman County

AL, Dale County

AL, Dallas County

AL, De Kalb County, Fort Payne

AL, Decatur

AL, Dekalb CO, Henegar

AL, Dekalb County, Fort Payne

AL, DeKalb County, Lebannon

AL, Dekalb County

AL, DeKalb County

AL, Dekalb County

AL, DeKalb, Lebannon

AL, Etowah CO, Gadsden

AL, Etowah County, Gadsden

AL, Etowah County

AL, Etoway County

AL, Eufaula

AL, Franklin County, Belgreen

AL, Gadsden

AL, Greene County

AL, Hale County, Greensboro

AL, Hale County

AL, Haleyville, Winston County

AL, Henry County, Edwin

AL, Henry County, Haleburg

AL, Henry County, Zornville

AL, Henry County

AL, Homerville

AL, Houston County, Dothan

AL, Jefferson County, Birmingham

AL, Jefferson County

AL, LaFayette

AL, Lawrence County, Oakville

AL, Lawrence County

AL, Limestone County, Athens

AL, Limestone

AL, Lowndes County, Farmersville

AL, Macon County

AL, Manchester

AL, Marshall

AL, Mathews

AL, McFall

AL, Mobile

AL, Monroe County

AL, Montgomery County

AL, Montgomery


AL, Montgomery


AL, Montgomery


AL, Montgomery

AL, Morgan County, Massey

AL, Morgan County

AL, Oglethorpe County

AL, Oxford

AL, Perry County

AL, Perry

AL, Phenix City

AL, Pike County

AL, Randolph County, Auslins Chapel

AL, Randolph County

AL, Riverside, Lincoln

AL, Russell County, Girard

AL, Russell County, Phenix City

AL, Russell County

AL, Russell, Girard

AL, Scotsboro

AL, Selma

AL, Shelby County

AL, Shelby

AL, Spring Garden

AL, St Clair County, Pell City

AL, St Clair County

AL, St Claire County, Pell City

AL, St. Clair County, Steele

AL, St. Clair County

AL, St. Claire County, Pell City

AL, Talladega County, Embry Crossing

AL, Talladega County, Lincoln

AL, Talladega County, Sylacauga

AL, Talladega County

AL, Talladega

AL, Tallapoosa County, Dadeville, Shiloh Cemetery

AL, Tallapoosa County

AL, Tallapoosa

AL, Talledega County

AL, Tarrant City

AL, Tuscaloosa County, Burnside

AL, Tuscaloosa County, Northport

AL, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa

AL, Tuscaloosa

AL, Tuscumbia

AL, Walker County, Cordova

AL, Walker County, Manchester

AL, White City

AL, Wilcox

AL, Winston County



Ala, Cullman County


Alabama, Auburn

Alabama, Blount County, Brooksville, Sivley Cemetery

Alabama, Blount County

Alabama, Brooksville

Alabama, Calhoun County, Oxford

Alabama, Conecuh County, Bellville

Alabama, Conecuh County

Alabama, Crenshaw County

Alabama, Dale

Alabama, Dekalb County, Fort Payne

Alabama, Double Springs

Alabama, Eliska Cemetery, Monroe Co., Eliska

Alabama, Franklin County

Alabama, Girard

Alabama, Gordo

Alabama, Greensboro

Alabama, Hale, Greensboro, Greensboro Cemetery

Alabama, Jefferson County, Birmingham

Alabama, Jefferson County

Alabama, Lawrence County, Moulton

Alabama, Lawrence County, Oakville

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lawrence County

ALabama, Lawrence County

Alabama, Lincoln

Alabama, Monroe County

Alabama, Montgomery County

Alabama, Morgan County, Decatur

Alabama, Morgan County, Hartselle

Alabama, near Gainstown, Clark County

Alabama, Perry

Alabama, Pickens County, Gordo

Alabama, Post Oak

Alabama, Russell County

Alabama, Shelby, Montevallo

Alabama, Steele

Alabama, Tallapoosa County, Dadeville

Alabama, Tallapossa CO, East Tallassee

Alabama, Wilcox County, Pine Apple (Belvile)

Alabama, Wilkes County

Alabama, Wilxoc County, Pine Apple (Belvile)

Alabama, Winston County, Double Springs, Ashridge Cemetery

Alabama, Winston County, Sand Mountain Region

Alabama, Winston County



Alaska, Fairbanks



Anson County NC?

Anticoh Cemetery

Antioch Cemetery

Appointed guardian of three younger brothers and sisiters

AR - Bellville Cemetery, Sevier County

AR - County Line Cemetery, Howard County

Ar - ElDorado, Union County

AR - Lockesburg Cemetery, Sevier County

AR Nashville Cemetary, Greenwood

AR near Quitman, Faulkner County, Brown Cemetery

Ar, Arkansas - ElDorado, Union County

Ar, at Wallace, AR-Outside town, Ashdown

AR, Bluff City

AR, Camden

AR, Chidester

AR, Clark County

AR, Cleveland County, Kingsland

AR, Cleveland County, New Edenburg

AR, Cleveland

AR, Crawford County, Cedar Creek

AR, Crawford County

AR, Dallas County, Ivey

AR, Dallas

AR, Dierkes

AR, Dierks

Ar, El Dorado, Union Memorial Medical Center

AR, El Dorado

Ar, ElDorado, Union Co

Ar, ElDorado, Union County

Ar, ElDorado

AR, Faulkner County

AR, Fordyce

AR, Fort Gibson

AR, Franklin

AR, Grant County, Sheridan

AR, Hempstead County, Ozan, Sardis Cemetery

AR, Hempstead County, Ozan

AR, Hempstead County, St. Paul Cemetary

AR, Hempstead County

AR, Herber Springs

AR, Holy Souls Catholic Church Little Rock

Ar, Hot Springs

AR, Howard Co, Cemetery, Lockesburg

AR, Howard County, Nashville

AR, Howard County

AR, Jefferson County, Pine Bluff

Ar, Little Roak, N

Ar, Little Rock, Methodist Church

Ar, Little Rock, Winfield Methodist Church

AR, Little Rock

Ar, Little Rock

AR, Little Rock

Ar, Little Rock

AR, Little Rock

AR, Loanoke

Ar, Magnolia

AR, Magnolia

AR, Milford

AR, Mulberry

AR, Murfreesboro

AR, Nashville, Nashville Cementary

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, Nashville

AR, Nashville

Ar, North Little Rock

Ar, now North Little Rock, Argenta

AR, Oachita County

AR, Ouachita County

AR, Ouchita Co., Chidester

AR, Ozan

AR, Ozark

AR, Pike County, Glenwood

AR, Pike County, Kirby

AR, Pike County, Murfreesboro

Ar, Pike County, Murfreesboro

AR, Pike County, Murfreesboro

AR, Pike County, Newhope

AR, Pike County

AR, Polk County

AR, probably in Union County

AR, Pulaski County, Little Rock

AR, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church Little Rock

AR, Red Hill

Ar, Rogers

AR, Russellville

AR, Saline County

AR, Searcy County, Bear Creek

AR, Searcy County, Witt Springs

AR, Sevier County, Lockesburg

AR, Sevier County, Ultima Thule

AR, Sevier County, Wrights Chapel

AR, Sevier County

AR, Stephens, Stephens Cemetery

Ar, Texarkana, Beech St. Baptist Church

Ar, Texarkana

AR, Troy

AR, Ultimathule

AR, Union Co., O'Rear Road, located 4/10 mile off Hwy. 167, Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery

AR, Union Co

AR, Union County, Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery

AR, Union County, Champagnolis

AR, Union County, El Dorado

Ar, Union County, Lawson Ar

Ar, Union County, Olive Branch Methodist Cemetary

AR, Union County, Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Ar, Union County, Warner Brown Hospital

Ar, Union County, Warner Brown Rehab

AR, Union County

Ar, Union County

AR, Union County

Ar, Urbana, Urbana Cemetary

AR, Van Buren

AR, Washington County, Fayetteville

AR, Wye Mountain

Ar.-, Nashville

Ar.-County Line Cemetary, Nashville

Ar.-First United Methodist Church, Nashville

Ar.-New Cemetary, Nashville


Arizona, Snowflake

Ark due to a mental disability from service, Discharged at Evansport

Ark, Hempstead Co, St. Paul Cemetery in Ozan

ARK, Nashville, Amity Cemetary

ARK, Nashville, Amity Cemetery

Ark, Quachita Couty, Red Hill Cemetery

ARK, Union Co., Bethel Prim. Bapt. Cem

ARK, Union Co., Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery

ARK, Union Co., Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery

ARK, Union Co., Rehobeth Prim. Bapt. Cem

Arkansas, Calhoun County

Arkansas, Camden

Arkansas, Chidester

Arkansas, Cleburne County

Arkansas, Coal Hill

Arkansas, Columbia County

Arkansas, Conway

Arkansas, Daisy Pike

Arkansas, El Dorado

Arkansas, ElDorado, Arlington Cemetery

Arkansas, Faulkner County

Arkansas, Fayetteville

Arkansas, Fouke

Arkansas, Hempstead County

Arkansas, Hot Springs

Arkansas, Howard County, Mineral Springs

Arkansas, Howard County, Nashville

Arkansas, Howard County

Arkansas, Johnson County

Arkansas, Johnston County

Arkansas, Little River, Wilton

Arkansas, Locksburg

Arkansas, Moved back to Union County

Arkansas, Ouachita County, Reader

Arkansas, Ouachita County

Arkansas, Pike County, Daisy

Arkansas, Pike County, Greenwood

Arkansas, Pike County, New Hope

Arkansas, Pike County

Arkansas, Pine Bluff

Arkansas, Pulaski County, Argenta

Arkansas, Pulaski County

Arkansas, Reader

Arkansas, Sevier County, Locksburg

Arkansas, Sevier County, near Lockesburg, Belleville Cemetery

Arkansas, Sevier County

Arkansas, Sevier

Arkansas, Texarkana

Arkansas, Union County, Champagnolle

Arkansas, Union County, El Dorado

Arkansas, Union County, Rest Haven Memorial Gardens

Arkansas, Union County, Smackover

Arkansas, Union County

Arkansas, Union, El Dorado


Army World War II, Senior Sgt

AR-Roselawn cemetary, Little Rock

AR-St.Vincents Hospital, Little Rock

As an infant

as teh US government took land for Ft. Benning base, GA, Columbus, reburied Park Hill Cemtary, GA, Buena Vista Rd in Ft Benning, Johnson's Cemetary Plot

as teh US government took land for Ft. Benning base, GA, Columbus, reburied Park Hill Cemtary, GA, Buena Vista Rd in Ft Benning, ohnson's Cemetary Plot

at 1 year of age

at 16 years of age

at 2 years of age

at 3 weeks of age

at birth

At home on furlough


Athens Boat Club

Athens Country Club

Atlanta. Enlisted 1960; discharged 1966. BR 14 710 061, Administraton Co. XII, US Army as Staff Sargeant

aug 17 19--

Australia, Sydney


Auto accident

AZ, Gila County, Miami County

AZ, Maricopa County, Glendale

AZ, Maricopa County, Phoenix

AZ, Yuma County, Yuma

B.s. in Chemical Engineering from GA Tech

B.S. in Civil Engineering from GA Tech

Baptised by Rev. J. R. Walker

Barbour County AL

Barrow Memorial Gardens


Bernardino CA, Redlands, Redlands Airport

Bernice, Union Parish

Bethlehem Cemetery

Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery

Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery

Bethlehem United Meth. Cemetery AL

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

Big Creek Cemetery

Blount Co. AL, Wynnville Cemetery

Blount Co. Ala, Wynnville Cemetery

Bon-A-Venture Cemetery

Bride's Home

Brigadier General, US Marine Corp

buried Grandview Cemetery

Buried Zorn Family Cemetery - Flat Pond Cemetery

by a falling tree at the age of 17

by a train

by Rev A M Crutzburg

by Rev I W Miller

by Rev M Power

by Rev Thomas Mitchel

by Rev. W. P. Rivers

C. F. Gross


CA, Alameda County

CA, Anaheim

CA, Bakersville

CA, Barstow

CA, Carpenter County, Santa Barbara

CA, Carpenter

CA, Contra Costa County

CA, Contra Costa, Pittsburg

CA, Contra Costa

CA, Imperial County, Brawley

CA, Kern County, Tehachapi

CA, Kings County, Hanford

CA, La Jolla

CA, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles

CA, Los Angeles County, Neenach

CA, Los Angeles County, Norwalk

CA, Los Angeles County, Santa Monica

CA, Los Angeles County

CA, Los Angeles

CA, Marin County, San Rafael

CA, Merced County

CA, Obispo County, San Luis

CA, Orange County, Costa Mesa

CA, Orange County

CA, Placer County, Auburn

CA, Placer County

CA, Plumas

CA, Riverside

CA, Sacramento County, Antelope

CA, Sacramento County

CA, San Diego

CA, San Joaquin

CA, Santa Ana

CA, Stanislaus

CA, West Anaheim


California, Alameda County, Freemont

California, Bernardino, Highland

California, Bernardino, Redlands

California, Bernardino, Riverside

California, Los Angeles, Huntington Park

California, Los Angeles, La Mirada

California, Riverside

California, Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz


Camden AR

Canada, Yukon Territory, , Lac Labauce

car accident with husband

Car accident

Cartecay Meth. Cemetery

Carter Hill Cemetery

Chandler Mountain Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Chapel Christian Church Cemetery

Charlie Vance Rd, AR., Union County, Burns-Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery

Chester IN, Friends Cemetary


Chilton Co. Ala

Civil War Battle


Clear Creek Cemetery

Clerk of Ebenezer Association

CO, Colorado Springs

CO, Denver

CO, Huerfano Co., Gardner

CO, Lake Palmer

CO, Lamar

CO, Palmer Lake

CO, Springfield

Co. B 22 Mississippi Infantry Entered as a Private; Discharged as a Sargeant

Co. B 37 Arkansas Infantry

Co. B, 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Co. G, 42nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Cold Creek TN


Colorado, Denver

Colorado, Powers CO, Lamar


Conecuh County

County Commisioner of Mayes Co

Crawfordville Baptist Church Cemetery

Cripplegate, St. James Chapel In The Well

CSA Marker, TX, Gregg County, Greenwood Cemetery

CSA, 42nd GA Inf., Co. G


CT, buried Hamden Plains

CT, Hamden Plains


Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Shed Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Cystic Fibrosis

D.C, Washington

Date of Will


David Smith Family Cemetery

DC, Washington

didn't, Wanted to marry younger sister Kezia

died in childhood

Discharged for mental disability

Douglas GA


DUE, Zwerbruecken, Waldmohr

Ebenezer Baptist Church Cmty

Ebenezer Church Cemetery

England or SC

England, Bath

England, Essex County, Colchester, St. Nicholas Church

England, Essex, Upminster

England, Essex

England, Hertfordshire, Redwood

England, Kerry

England, London

England, Middlesex, Bethnal Green

England, Middlesex, Haxstone

England, Middlesex, London

England, Nottingham

England, Nottingshire, Kneeton

England, St. Dunstan-In-The-West

England, Tarpoly, Cheshire

England, Yorkshire, Thirsk

England, Yorkshire

England?, South London


Enlisted at Americus GA CO. K 4th GA Infantry

Enlisted C Co. 62nd Cav Reg. GA

Enlisted CO. A 1st Colquitts Ark Infantry

Enlisted Co. C 62nd Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry

Enlisted in Americus GA Co. K 4th GA Infantry

Enlisted in Tuscumbia by Jas W Harper

Enlisted inthe Army for the Confederate States of America

Enlisted Tacktical Air Command US Air Force

Enlisted US Army Oct 1986; discharged 1990


Epworth Cemetery


Evergreen Cemetery

Finland, Helsinki

Finland, Varkus

Fl, Alachua County, Gainesville

FL, Alachua County

FL, Alachua

FL, Baker County, MacClenny

FL, Bay County, Panama City

FL, Bonifay

FL, Bradford County, Starke

FL, Brevard County, Melbourne

FL, Brevard County, Rockledge

FL, Brevard County

FL, Brevard, 32955 Rockledge

FL, Broward County

FL, Broward, Ft Lauderdale

FL, Cedar Key

FL, Clay County

FL, Cocoa, Patrick AFB

FL, Columbia County, Lake City

FL, Dade City

FL, Dade CO, Miami

FL, Dade County, Miami

FL, Dade County

FL, Daytona Beach

FL, Deland

FL, Delray Beach

FL, Duval County, Jacksonville

FL, Duval County

FL, Duvall County, Jacksonville

FL, Eloise

FL, Escambia County, Pensacola, Barrancas National Cemetery

FL, Escambia County, Pensacola

FL, Escambia County

FL, Flagler County, Espanola

FL, Ft. Myers

FL, Gadsden County

FL, Gainesville

FL, Garden Park

FL, Greensboro

FL, Greenville

FL, Hamilton County

FL, Hillisborough County, Tampa

FL, Hillsborough County, Plant City

FL, Hillsborough County, Tampa

FL, Hillsborough County

FL, Hillsborough

FL, Hollywood

FL, Jackson County, Bascom Baptist Cemetery

FL, Jackson County

FL, Jacksonville, 1295 Ingleside Avenue

FL, Jacksonville

FL, Jasonville, Julington Creek

FL, Jefferson County

FL, Kissimmee, Rosehill Cemetery

FL, Lake Eola

FL, Lakeland

FL, Leon County, Lake Worth

FL, Leon County

FL, Live Oak

FL, Madison County, Greenville

FL, Madison County, Madison, Ridge Cemetery

FL, Madison County, Oak Ridge Cemetery

FL, Madison County

FL, Manatee County, Bradenton

FL, Manatee County

FL, Marion County, Ocala, Woodlawn Cem

FL, Marion County, Ocala

FL, Marion County

FL, Marion, Ocklawaha

FL, Martin County

FL, Miami

FL, New Port Ritchie

FL, Ocala

FL, Okeechobee

FL, Orange County, Orlando

FL, Orange County, Winter Park

FL, Orange County

FL, Orlando

FL, Palatka

FL, Palm Beach County, Delray Beach

FL, Palm Beach County

FL, Palm Beach, Lake Worth

FL, Palm County, Delray Beach

FL, Panama City

FL, Pasco County

FL, Pensacola, Bayview Memorial Gardens

FL, Pensacola

FL, Pinellas County, Safety Harbor

FL, Pinellas County

FL, Pinellas, Belleair Beach

FL, Polk County, 17 MAR 1938 Wildwood Cemetery Bartow

FL, Polk County, Frostproof

FL, Polk County, Mulberry

FL, Polk County, Winter Haven

FL, Polk County

FL, probably Jackson County

FL, Putnam County, Palatka

FL, Putnam County

FL, San Mateo

FL, Seminole County

FL, St. Petersburg Beach, Beach Memorial Chapel

FL, Suwannee County, Live Oak

FL, Suwannee County

FL, Tallahassee

FL, Tampa

FL, Turner County, Ashburn

FL, Volusia County, Pierson

FL, Volusia County, De Land

FL, Volusia County

FL, West Palm Beach

FL, Winter Haven, Oaklawn Cemetary

FL, Winter Haven


Florida, Clay Co, Jacksonville Memory Gardens

Florida, Duval Co, Jacksonville, Oaklawn Cemetary

Florida, Jackson County, Malone, Friendship Cemetery

Florida, Madison County, Madison, Oak Ridge Cemetery

Florida, Manatee County, Palmetto

Florida, Orange County, Orlando

Florida, Orlando

Florida, Ormond Beach

Florida, Pasco County, Spring Hill

Florida, Pensacola

Florida, Pinellas County, Saint Petersburg

Florida, Quincy

Florida, Sanford

Florida, Tallahassee

Florida, Tampa



Floyd died when he was about 11 or 12 years of age

France, Cheseaux

France, La Rochelle

France, Sedan

France, Toulouse

from GA to Arkansas


GA - at the Tanner Home, Gwinnett County, Carl


GA census, Living with Hannah and John Wood - Harris County

GA Fishcreek Cemetery Temple, Rockmart

GA Israel Cemetery, Sumter County

GA - Midway Cemetery, Gwinnett County

GA Midway Church Cemetery, Gwinnett County, Dacula

GA Rose Hill Cemetery, Turner County

GA 008292

GA 15480-I

GA 22859-J

GA at time of death, Bullock County

GA by Elder Wm. H. Crouse, Adel

GA by Rev. C.E. Walter, Turner County

GA by Rev. Carlton Caruth, Tift County, Tifton

GA by Rev. J. W. Davis, Jackson County, Hoschton

GA by Rev. J.C.G. Brook, Turner County

GA by Rev. J.C.G. Brooks, Turner County

GA by Rev. Jason Shirah, Ware County, Waycross

GA by Rev. S. H. Braswell, Hoschton, Joined New Liberty Methodist Church

GA by Rev. Stubbs, Boston

GA by Rev. Thomas P. Graham, Hoschton, Joined New Liberty Methodist Church

GA by this date, Moved to Irwin County

GA census - 6 years old, Talbot County

GA Census - with daughter (age 7 ) Roseann Sorrells, Living with parents on 1850 Walton County

GA Commissioner, Baker County

GA Old Smyrna Cemetery, Walton County, Gratis

GA page 091, Oglethorpe County

GA page 094, Oglethorpe County

GA page 177, Oglethorpe County

GA, , Jackson Co

GA, Albany

GA, Alma, Rose Hill

GA, Alpharetta

GA, Amboy

GA, Americus

GA, Amsterdam

GA, Appling County, Baxley

GA, Appling County

GA, ApplingCounty

GA, Ashburn

GA, Athens, Central Presbyterian Church

GA, Athens

GA, Atlanta, Westview Abbey

GA, Atlanta

GA, Attapulgus

GA, Auburn, Harmony Grove Methodist Church Cemetery

GA, Auburn, Mt. Moriah Baptist

GA, Augusta

GA, Bacon County

GA, Bainbridge

Ga, Bainbridge

GA, Bainbridge

GA, Baker County, Haggards Mills

GA, Baker County, Hoggards Mill

GA, Baker County, Mimsville

GA, Baker County, Newton, Notchaway Baptist Church

GA, Baker County

GA, Baldwin County

GA, Ballground

GA, Banks County

GA, Barnesville

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem Methodist Church

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Methodist Church

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Methodist

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem, Smith Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem

Ga, Barrow County, Bethlehem

GA, Barrow County, Bethlehem

GA, Barrow County, Carl

GA, Barrow County, Carter Hill

GA, Barrow County, Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Cedar Creek Cemetary

GA, Barrow County, Concord Methodist Church

GA, Barrow County, Corinth Cemetary

GA, Barrow County, Corinth Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Midway United Methodist Church near Carl

GA, Barrow County, Old Pentecost Methodist Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Winder, Bethrabra Baptist

GA, Barrow County, Winder, Concord Methodist Cemetery

GA, Barrow County, Winder

Ga, Barrow County, Winder

GA, Barrow County, Winder

Ga, Barrow County, Winder

GA, Barrow County, Winder

GA, Barrow County

GA, Barton County, Adairsville

GA, Bartow CO

GA, Bartow County, Adairsville

GA, Bartow County

GA, Bartow, Adairsville

GA, Berrien County, Enigma

GA, Berrien County, Fitzgerald

GA, Berrien County

GA, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Cemetery

GA, Bethlehem, Member and leader of the Bethlehem United Methodist Church

GA, Bethlehem

GA, Bibb County, Macon, Macon Memorial Cemetery

GA, Bibb County, Macon

GA, Bibb County, Skipperton

GA, Bibb County

GA, Blakely

Ga, Blakely

GA, Bleckley County, Cochran

GA, Bogart

GA, Box Springs

GA, Brookfield

GA, Brooks County, Barwick

GA, Brooks County

GA, Brunswick

GA, Bryan County

GA, Buckhead

GA, Buena Vista Rd in Ft Benning, Johnson's Cemetary Plot

GA, Buford, Friendship Baptist

GA, Buford, Pleasant Hill Baptist

GA, Buford

GA, Bullock County

GA, Buncombe County, Asheville

GA, Buncombe County

GA, Burke County, Richmond

GA, Burke County, St George Parrish

GA, Burke County

GA, Burke, 30830 Waynesboro

GA, Butts County

GA, Byron

GA, Calhoun County, Arlington

GA, Calhoun County

GA, Calhoun

GA, Carl

GA, Carroll County

GA, Cass County

GA, Cedar S[romgs. Ear;u Co

GA, Cemetery Irwin, Masonic

GA, Chatham County, Savannah

GA, Chatham County

GA, Chattahoochee County, Cusseta

GA, Chattahoochee County, Jamestown

GA, Chattahoochee County, Upatoi

GA, Chattahoochee County

GA, Chattooga County

GA, Cherokee County, Ballground

GA, Cherokee County, Waleska, Briar Patch Cemetery

GA, Cherokee County, Waleska

GA, Cherokee County

GA, Cherokee Nation

GA, Cherokee Territory

GA, Chipley

GA, Clarke County, Athens

GA, Clarke County

GA, Clay Co., Bluffton

GA, Clayton County, Forest Park, Jones Chapel Methodist Church

GA, Clayton County, Forest Park

GA, Clayton County, Morrow, Mt. Zion Baptist Church

GA, Clayton County

GA, Clinch County, Homerville

GA, Clinch County

GA, Cobb CO, Acworth

GA, Cobb CO, Marietta

GA, Cobb CO, Smyrna

GA, Cobb County, Acworth, Liberty Hill Cemetery

GA, Cobb County, Acworth

GA, Cobb County, Austell

GA, Cobb County, Marietta City Cemetery

GA, Cobb County, Marietta

GA, Cobb County, Smyrna

GA, Cobb County

GA, Cochran

GA, Colquitt County, Funston, Funston Cemetery

GA, Colquitt County, Hartsfield

GA, Colquitt County, Moultrie

GA, Colquitt County

GA, Columbia County

GA, Columbia

GA, Columbus, Double Churches Cemetery

GA, Columbus, Double Churches

GA, Columbus, GA reburied Park Hill Cemetary, Buena Vista Rd in Ft Benning, Johnson's Cemetary Plot

GA, Columbus

GA, County Resident Newton County

GA, Covington

GA, Coweta County, Moreland

GA, Coweta County

GA, Crawford County

GA, Crisp County, Cordele

GA, Crisp County

GA, Cullman County

GA, Cuthburt

GA, Dacula

GA, Dallas

GA, Dalton

GA, Dawson CO, Dawsonville

GA, Dawson

Ga, Decater County

GA, Decatur County, Bainbridge

GA, Decatur County

GA, DeKalb Co

GA, Dekalb County, Decatur

GA, DeKalb County, Decatur

GA, Dekalb County, Decatur

GA, Dekalb County, Stone Mountain

GA, Dekalb County, Tucker, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Dekalb County

GA, DeKalb County

GA, Dekalb County

GA, Discharged in Savannah

GA, Dodge County, Middleground Cemetery

GA, Dodge County

GA, Dooly County, Montezuma, Felton Cemetery

GA, Dooly County, Montezuma

GA, Dooly County, Patenville

GA, Dooly County

GA, Dougherty County, Albany

GA, Dougherty County, Putnam

GA, Dougherty County

GA, Doughterty County, Albany

Ga, Early Co., Blakely

GA, Early Co., Cedar Springs

GA, Early County

GA, Effingham County

GA, Elbert Co

GA, Elbert County

GA, Elijay, Tails Creek Baptist Church

GA, Elijay

GA, Ellaville

GA, Ellijay

GA, Emanuel County

GA, Enigma, Turner Church Cemetary

GA, Enigma

GA, Enlisted Co. B 11th GA Artillery in Americus

GA, Fannin CO, Blue Ridge

GA, Fannin CO, Dial

GA, Fannin CO

GA, Fannin Cou nty

GA, Fannin County, Big Creek Cemetery

GA, Fannin County, Hempton

GA, Fannin County, Morganton

GA, Fannin County

GA, Fayette County

GA, Fitzgerald

GA, Floyd CO, Rome

GA, Floyd Co

GA, Floyd County, Relay

GA, Floyd County, Rome

GA, Floyd County

GA, Folkston

GA, Forsyth County

GA, Fort Benning, Cemetery #50

GA, Fort Benning

GA, Fort Valley

GA, Franklin Co

GA, Franklin County, Canon

GA, Franklin County

GA, Fulton CO, Atlanta

GA, Fulton County, Alpharetta

GA, Fulton County, Atlanta, Zion Methodist Cemetery

GA, Fulton County, Atlanta

GA, Fulton County, Decatur

GA, Fulton County, Hapeville

GA, Fulton County

GA, GA to Gwinnett County, From Walton County

GA, GA. Discharged same year in Athens, 63rd GA Regiment in Atlanta, Enlisted Co. I

GA, Gilmer CO, Cartecay Meth. Cemetery

GA, Gilmer CO, Cartecay

GA, Gilmer CO, Cartycay

GA, Gilmer CO, Cherry Log

GA, Gilmer CO, Elijay, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cem

GA, Gilmer CO, Elijay

GA, Gilmer CO, Ellijay

GA, Gilmer CO, Macedonia Baptist Church Cem

GA, Gilmer CO, Mt Pisah Church of Christ Cem

GA, Gilmer CO, New Liberty Church

GA, Gilmer CO, Pisgah Cem

GA, Gilmer CO, Pisgah

GA, Gilmer CO, Pleasant Hill Cemetery

GA, Gilmer CO

GA, Gilmer County, Berean Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Gilmer County, Berean Baptist Church

GA, Gilmer County, Elijay

GA, Gilmer County, Ellijah

GA, Gilmer County, Ellijay

GA, Gilmer County, Epworth

GA, Gilmer County, Macedonia Baptist Church Cem

GA, Gilmer County, Macedonia Baptist Church

GA, Gilmer County, Mountaintown Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Gilmer County, Pisgah Cem

GA, Gilmer County, Pisgah

GA, Gilmer County, Pleasanat Hill Church Cemetery

GA, Gilmer County, Pleasant Hill Cemetery

GA, Gilmer County

GA, Glynn County, Brunswick

GA, Glynn County

GA, Gordon CO, Ranger

GA, Gordon County, Calhoun

GA, Gordon County, Fairmont

GA, Gordon County, Hopewell Cemetery

GA, Gordon County, Pleasant Hill Cemetery

GA, Gordon County

GA, Grady County, Cairo

GA, Grady County

GA, Greene County, White Plains

GA, Greene County

GA, Greenwood Cemetery In Barnesville

GA, Gwinnett County, 30017 Grayson

GA, Gwinnett County, Alcovy

GA, Gwinnett County, Auburn City Cemetery

GA, Gwinnett County, Auburn, Union Grove Baptist

GA, Gwinnett County, Buford

GA, Gwinnett County, Dacula

GA, Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville

GA, Gwinnett County, Norcross

GA, Gwinnett County

GA, Habersham County

GA, Hall County

GA, Hall CO, Gainesville

GA, Hall County, Gainesville

GA, Hall County

GA, Hancock County

GA, Harris County, Hamilton

GA, Harris County

GA, Hart County

GA, Heard County

GA, Henry County, Berea Cemetery

GA, Henry County, Brights Chapel

GA, Henry County, Locust Grove

GA, Henry County, Mt. Carmel Methodist Church

GA, Henry County, Stockbridge

GA, Henry County

GA, Houston County, Warner Robins

GA, Houston County

GA, Irwin County

GA, Irwin or Lee County

GA, Jackson County, Braselton, Zion Baptist Church

GA, Jackson County, Center Grove Baptist

GA, Jackson County, Dry Pond Cemetery

GA, Jackson County, Hoschton

GA, Jackson County, Houschton, Zion Baptist Church

GA, Jackson County, Jeffereson

GA, Jackson County, Jefferson

GA, Jackson County, Oconee Baptist Church

GA, Jackson County, Pendergrass Cemetary

GA, Jackson County, Pendergrass

GA, Jackson County, Zion Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Jackson County

GA, Jasper County, Monticello

GA, Jasper County

GA, Jasper

GA, Jefferson County

GA, Jefferson

GA, Jeffordsonville

GA, Jones County, Double Churches Cemetery

Ga, Jones County, Hardies Chapel Cemetary

Ga, Jones County, Hardies Chapel

GA, Jones County

GA, Junction City

GA, Juniper

GA, Kennesaw, Kennesaw Memorial Cem

GA, Kennesaw

GA, Killed in Sumter County

GA, Lamar County, Barnesville

GA, Lamar County

GA, Lanier County, Union Church & Cemetary

GA, Lanier County

GA, Laurens County, Dublin

GA, Laurens County

GA, Lavonia

GA, Lawrenceville, Prospect Methodist

GA, Lawrenceville, Shadowland Cemetery

GA, Lawrenceville, Walnut Grove

GA, Lawrenceville

GA, Lee County

GA, Lenox

GA, Leslie

GA, Liberty County, Midway

GA, Liberty County

GA, Lincoln County

GA, Lincoln

GA, Lived in Marietta

GA, Lived in Marshallville

GA, Lowndes County, Barwick

GA, Lowndes County, Valdosta

GA, Lowndes County

GA, Lumpkin County

GA, Macon County, Cartoogechaye

GA, Macon County, Garden Valley

GA, Macon County, Lanier

GA, Macon County, Montezuma

GA, Macon County, Spalding

GA, Macon County

GA, Macon

GA, Madison Co

GA, Madison County

GA, Madison

GA, Marion County

GA, maybe in Bibb County

GA, Maysville

GA, McDuff County

GA, McDuffie County, Thompson

GA, McDuffie County

GA, McRae

GA, merchant in Savannah and later a school teacher in Macon County

GA, Meriwether County, Woodbury

GA, Meriwether County

GA, Midway Chruch Cemetary

GA, Milledgeville

GA, Miller County, Colquitt City Cemetery

GA, Miller County, Colquitt

GA, Miller County

GA, Milltown

GA, Mitchell County, Camilla

GA, Mitchell County

GA, Monroe County, Culloden

GA, Monroe County

GA, Monroe, Rest Haven Cemetary

GA, Monroe

GA, Montezuma

Ga, Montezuma

GA, Montgomery County

GA, Morgan County, Madison

GA, Morgan County

GA, Murray County, Chatsworth

GA, Murray County, Chatworth

GA, Murray County, Crandall

GA, Murray County, Dewberry Church Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Doolittle District, Ramsey Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Eton

GA, Murray County, Hassler's Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Hasslers' Mill, Harrison Family Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Mount Zion Methodist Church Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Mt. Zion Church Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Mt. Zion Church

GA, Murray County, Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery

GA, Murray County, Mt. Zion

GA, Murray County, Ramhurst

GA, Murray County, Spring Place

GA, Murray County, Summerour Methodist Church Cemetery

GA, Murray County

GA, Muscogee County, Columbus

GA, Muscogee County, Double Churches

GA, Muscogee County, Linwood Cemetery

GA, Muscogee County, Upatoi

GA, Muscogee County, Upatoie

GA, Muscogee County

GA, near Carnesville

GA, Newnan

GA, Newton County, Oxford

GA, Newton County

GA, Newton

GA, Oak Grove Cemetary Hwy 27 N Cedartown

GA, Oconee County, Statham

GA, Oconee County

GA, Ogelthorpe

GA, Oglethorpe County

GA, Oglethorpe

GA, Old Home place on Big Creek Rd. Gilmer CO

GA, Peach County, Fort Valley

GA, Pendergrass, Pendergrass Cemetery

GA, Pendergrass

GA, Perhaps this is she? Thomas County

GA, Perry

GA, Pickens CO

GA, Pickens County, Jasper

GA, Pickens County, Tate, Cool Springs Baptist Cemetery

GA, Pickens County, Tate

GA, Pickens County

GA, Pike County, Zebulon

GA, Pike County

GA, Pine Mountain, Pine Mountain Cemetary

GA, Pinehurst

GA, Pitt County

GA, Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Turner County

GA, Polk County, Fish Creek, Bethlehem Baptist Cemetery

GA, Polk County

GA, Pope's Ferry, Jones County

GA, Pretoria

GA, probably Jackson County

GA, probably Sumter County

GA, Pulaski County, Hawkinsville, Orange Hill Cemetery

GA, Pulaski County, Hawkinsville

GA, Pulaski County, Orange Hil Cemetery

GA, Pulaski County

GA, Putnam County

GA, Rabun County

GA, Ramhurst

GA, Randolph County

GA, Rappahannock County

GA, Richmond County, Augusta

GA, Richmond County

GA, Rockdale County

GA, Rome, Eastview Cemetery

GA, Rome

GA, Rossville

GA, Royston. Gilmer CO

GA, Salicoa

GA, Savannah, Presbyterian Church

GA, Schley County, Ellaville

GA, Schley County

GA, Screven County

GA, Seminole County, Donaldsonville

GA, Seminole County

GA, Shelby County

GA, Smithville, Israel Cemetery

GA, Smithville, Israel-Williams Cemetery

GA, Smithville

GA, Social Circle

GA, Spalding County, Griffin

GA, Spalding County

GA, Stephens County

GA, Stewart County, Florence

GA, Stewart County, Richland

GA, Stewart County

GA, Sumner

GA, Sumpter, Renwick

GA, Sumter County, Americus

GA, Sumter County, Andersonville

GA, Sumter County, Leslie

GA, Sumter County, Liberty Church

GA, Sumter County, Mt Zion Cemetery

GA, Sumter County, Plains

GA, Sumter County, Renwick

GA, Sumter County, Smithville, Williams Family Cemetery

GA, Sumter County, Smithville

GA, Sumter County

GA, Sycamore, Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetary

GA, Sycamore, Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church

GA, Sycamore

GA, Sylvester, Pinson Memorial United Methodist Church

GA, Talbot County

GA, Taliaferro County

GA, Taliaferro County, Crawfordville

GA, Taliaferro County

GA, Tattnall County

GA, Telfair County

GA, Terrell County, Chicsawhatchee

Ga, Terrell County, Chicsawhatchee

GA, Terrell County, Chicsawhatchee

GA, Terrell County, Doverel

GA, Terrell County, Sasser

GA, Terrell County, Terrell County Cemetery

GA, Terrell County

GA, Thomas County, Barwick

GA, Thomas County, Thomasville

GA, Thomas County

GA, Thomasville

GA, Thompson

GA, Thomson

GA, Tift County, Tifton

GA, Tift County

GA, Tifton

GA, Toccoa

GA, Tolberton County

GA, Toliver County

GA, Towns County

GA, Troup County, LaGrange

GA, Troup County, Lagrange

GA, Troup County

GA, Tucker

GA, Turner County, Ashburn, Rose Hill Cemetery

GA, Turner County, Ashburn, Rosehill Cemetary

GA, Turner County, Ashburn

GA, Turner County, Hopewell Cemetery

GA, Turner County, Live Oak Methodist Church Cemetary

GA, Turner County, Pleasant Hill

GA, Turner County, Rebecca

GA, Turner County, Snow Ridge Cemetery

GA, Turner County, Sycamore, Clements Chapel Cemetery

GA, Turner County, Sycamore, Prospect Cemetery

GA, Turner County, Sycamore

GA, Turner County

GA, Twiggs County, New Ricland Church

GA, Twiggs County

GA, Union County, Blairsville

GA, Union County, Confidence Cemetery

GA, Union County, Kelley Mountain area

GA, Union County, Old Blairsville Cemetary

GA, Union County, Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery

GA, Union County, Pleasant Grove Cemetery

GA, Union County, Shady Grove

GA, Union County

GA, United with the New Liberty Methodist Church by certificate in Hoschton

GA, Upson County, 012688

GA, Upson County, 017538

GA, Upson County, 034969

GA, Upson County, 17289

GA, Upson County, Grantland Cemetery

GA, Upson County, Hendricks

GA, Upson County, Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery

GA, Upson County, Thomaston

GA, Upson County

GA, Valdosta

GA, Walker County, Ringold

GA, Walker County, Rossville

GA, Walton County, Bethlehem

GA, Walton County, CSA, Army of TN, GA Volunteer Army, 42nd Reg, Co. B

GA, Walton County, CSA, Army of TN, GA Volunteer Army, 42nd Reg, Co. G

GA, Walton County, Gratis, Bell Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Gratis, Old Smyrna Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Gratis

GA, Walton County, Monroe, Tanner Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Monroe

GA, Walton County, Old Smyrna

GA, Walton County, Shiloh Primitive Baptist Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Sorrells Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Tanner Cemeter

GA, Walton County, Towler Cemetery

GA, Walton County, Winder

GA, Walton County, Windsor

GA, Walton County

GA, Ware County, Waycross

GA, Ware County

GA, Warren County

GA, Washington County

GA, Washington

GA, Wayne County, Appling

GA, Wayne County, Jesup


GA, Weatherford

GA, Webster County

GA, Wheeler County, Glenwood, Buelah Cemetery

GA, Wheeler County

GA, Whitfield CO, Dalton, West Hill Cem

GA, Whitfield CO, Dalton

GA, Whitfield County, Dalton

GA, Whitfield County, Harmony Grove Baptist Church

GA, Whitfield County

GA, Wilcox County

GA, Wilcox, 31084 Seville

GA, Wilkes Co

GA, Wilkes co

GA, Wilkes Co

GA, Wilkes County, Abbeville

GA, Wilkes County, Stubb Cemetery

GA, Wilkes County

GA, Wilkes or Upson County

GA, Wilkinson County, Cowpen Creek

GA, Wilkinson County, Cowpens, Barnett Cemetery

GA, Wilkinson County, Gordon

GA, Wilkinson County, Myrtle Springs Cemetery

GA, Wilkinson County, Near Cowpen Cr

GA, Wilkinson County, Veal Property

Ga, Wilkinson County, White Springs Cemetary

GA, Wilkinson County

GA, Wilkinson or Wilkes County

GA, Wilkinson, Toomsboro

GA, Winder, First Christian Church

GA, Winder, Rose Hill Cemetery

GA, Winder

GA, Worth County, Sumner

GA, Worth County, Sylvester, Harrison home

GA, Worth County, Sylvester

GA, Worth County

GA, Wounded in Resaca

GA?, Wilkes County


Geary. OK

Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 35th Regiment, Co. G

Georgia, , Bellmont

Georgia, Andersonville

Georgia, Ashburn

Georgia, Atlanta

Georgia, Augusta

Georgia, Baldwin County

Georgia, Barrow County, Old Corinth Methodist Church (Rakestraw)

Georgia, Barrow County

Georgia, Blairsville, Shady Grove Cmty

Georgia, Bleckley Co., Cochran, Cedar Hill Cemetery

Georgia, Buckhead

Georgia, Burke County

Georgia, Carroll County, Concord Methodist Church Cemetery

Georgia, Carroll County, Hickory Level

Georgia, Carroll County

Georgia, Cherokee County, Chalcadonia Baptist Church Cemetery

Georgia, Cherokee County

Georgia, Chipley

Georgia, Clarke County, Georgia Factory

Georgia, Cobb County

Georgia, Colquitt City Cemetery - Miller County

Georgia, Coweta County

Georgia, Cusseta

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Georgia, Dallas

Georgia, Dalton

Georgia, Emanuel County

Georgia, Fannin County

Georgia, Gordon County, Oakman

Georgia, Gordon County, Ryo Church

Georgia, Gwinnett County, Auburn City Cemetery

Georgia, Gwinnett County, Johnson Family Cemetery

Georgia, Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville

Georgia, Habersham

Georgia, Henry County, Locust Grove

Georgia, Jasper Co

Georgia, Lamar County, Fredonia Church Cemetery

Georgia, Lamar County

Georgia, Lee County, Smithville

Georgia, Macon County, Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery

Georgia, Macon County

Georgia, Macon, Dixon Fam Cem

Georgia, Macon, Dixon Family Cem

Georgia, Macon

Georgia, Monroe, Rest Haven Cemetery

Georgia, Muskogee, Columbus, Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Churches Cemetery

Georgia, Pendergrass

Georgia, Point Front

Georgia, Randolph County, Cuthbert

Georgia, Richmond County

Georgia, Stewart County, Louvale

Georgia, Sumter County, Renwick

Georgia, Sumter County

Georgia, Talbot Co

Georgia, Taylor County, Butler

Georgia, Union Co., Blairsville

Georgia, Union County


Georgia, Walton County

Georgia, Wharington

Georgia, Whitfield County, Dalton

Georgia, Wilkinson County

Georgia, Worth County, Clements Chapel Cemetery


Germany, Baden, Mossbach, To America from Daudensell

Germany, Hamburg

Germany, Leipzig


Gilmer CO

Gilmer County GA

Gloucester Co. or Brunswick Co. Virginia

Gloucester Co. Virginia, Ware Parrish


Good Springs Methodists Church, Rusk County

Grandview Cemetery

Grantland Cemetery


Gregg Cty. TX, Danville Cemetery

Guadalupe TX, Seguin, S.A.State Hosp

Guadalupe. Texas, Seguin

Hallman Home by Rev J.M. Britten

hanged for being a Tory

Harmony Grove Cemetery


Highland CA, lives in


Holmes County FL

Home Laran, Union Parish

Hopewell Church Cemetery

Hoschoton GA - Rev. Thomas J. Edwards, New Liberty Methodist Church, Baptised

Houston TX, lives in


Hunt County TX

Hwy 57, Vinson Cemetery

IA, Scott County, Davenport


ID, Bannock County, Pocatello

ID, Buhl

ID, Caldwell

Idaho, Bannock County, Pocatello

IL, Adams

IL, Fort Douglas

IL, Franklin County

IL, Hamilton, Smith Cemetery

IL, Hamilton

IL, Jackson, Makanda

IL, Lyon County

IL, Olney

IL, Quincy

IL, Williamson County, Crab Orchard Cemetery

IL, WIlliamson County, Marion

IL, Williamson County

IL, Williamson, Marion


Ill, Peoria

Illinois, Bloomington

Illinois, Hamilton County, McLeansboro

Illinois, Richland Co., Calhoun

Illinois, Union County

Illinois, Wayne, (Fairfield)

Illinois, Williamson County, Herrin

in home of James K. Ellis

in home of V. S. Rogers

in infancy

in May 1864, GA, under Johnston and then Hood. Quin was wounded at the New Hope Church, Cheatam's Division, Confederate States Army in Turner's Battery

in VA, 8th GA Cavalry, Co. C, Served int he Confederate Army

IN, Dickeyville

IN, Farmland

IN, Hagerstown, Old Salem Public Cemetary

IN, Hendricks County, Plainfield

IN, Randolph County


Indian Territory in Oklahoma

Indian Territory, Going Snake District

Indian Territory

Indian, Randolph County, Ridgeville

Indiana, Hancock County

Indiana, Hendricks County, Mills Creek

Indiana, Indianapolis

Indiana, Lafayette

Indiana, Lawrence County, Bedford

Indiana, Maxville

Indiana, Randolph County, Ridgeville

Indiana, Randolph County

Indiana, Wayne County, Chester

Indiana, Wayne County, Richmond

Indiana, Wayne County




Ingle. Park Cem, Ca, Los Angeles, Inglewood

Iowa, Lee County, Pilot Grove

Iowa, Ringold County

Iowa, Warren County


Ireland later part of 17th century, Moved family from Scotland to Armaugh Co

Ireland, Atrium

Ireland, Ballymoe

Ireland, County Antrim

Ireland, County Cork, Meath Dublin

Ireland, County Cork

Ireland, County Down, Rathfryland

Ireland, Derry Cathederal

Ireland, Derry County, Londonderry

Ireland, Derry County

Ireland, Down County

Ireland, Down, Rathfriland

Ireland, Lancaster

Ireland, Leinster

Ireland, Limerick

Ireland, Londonderry

Ireland, Mayo, Moyne Abbey

Ireland, Ulster Prov., County Down

Ireland, Ulster


Irwin County Census living with his son-in-law William THomas Smith

Issued: GA 253-84-1199

Italy, Florence

Italy, Vico Equense

Italy, Villa Moros

J/ P/, by William Barron, GA, Upson County

Jackson MS, lives in

JAMES S & EVELYN BASKIN 8264 CLINTON WAY LN CORDOVA TN 38018 6305 (901) 757-5248

Japan, Okinawa

Japan, Tokyo

Jason moved on to Mississippi and then to Arkansas

Joined Baptist Church at Phillips Mill Church. Baptised by Rev. Jesse Mercer


Kansas, Anderson

Kansas, Comanche, Coldwater

Kansas, Johnson County, Eudora

Kansas, Johnson County, Lenexa

Kansas, Lecompton

Kansas, Liberal

Kansas, Thomas County, Colby

Kansas, Udall

Killed in War Between the States

Kiowa KS

Kiwanis Club

Korea, Seoul

KS, Cowley County, Udall

KS, Haviland

KS, Osage County, Burlingame

KS, Russell

KS, Sylvia

KS, Wichita

KY, Barren Co

KY, Boone Co

KY, Boyd County, Ashland

KY, Butler County

KY, Dayton

KY, Lexington

KY, Livingston County, Smithland

KY, Logan County

KY, Louisville

KY, McCracken County, Henderson

KY, Mccracken County, Paducah

KY, McCracken

KY, Mt. Vernon

KY, Pulaski County

KY, Warren County

KY, Wayne County


LA, Bienville, Ringgold

LA, Bossier City

LA, Caddo Parish, Shreveport

La, Farmersville

LA, Haughton, Hill Crest

LA, Houma

La, Jackson Parish, Jonesboro

La, Junction City, Scotland Cemetary

La, La - Farmerville, Union Parish

LA, Lincoln Parish, Greenwood Cemetery

LA, Lincoln Parish, Ruston, Greenwood Cemetery

LA, Lincoln Parish

LA, Louisiana/Union Co., Union Parish

LA, Mandeville

La, Minden, Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

La, Minden

LA, Nattchitoches

LA, New Orleans

LA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans

LA, Ouachita Parish, Monroe


LA, Ouachita Parish

La, Outside Junction City, La, Union Parish, Bethel Cemetary

LA, Plaquimine

LA, Ringgold

LA, Saint James Co., Louisiana/Union, Union Parish

La, Shreveport, Caddo Parish

La, Shreveport, Schumpert Medical Center

LA, Shreveport

La, Shv, Caddo Parish

La, Sibley, Webster Parish, Sibley Cemetary

LA, Sicley Island

LA, Springridge, Springridge Baptist Church Cemetery

LA, Thibodaux

LA, Union County

La, Union Parish, Bernice Nursing Home

LA, Union Parish, Farmerville

La, Union Parish, Laran Cemetary

LA, Union Parish, Laran Cemetery

LA, Union Parish, Lawrence

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, Union Parish

La, Union Parish

LA, West Monroe

LA, Winnsboro

La. Bienville Parish, Ringold



Lakeside Cemetery

Lions Club

Little Rock, Arkansas, Pulaski County

Lived in Cordele

Lived in Detroit

Lived in DOles

Lived in FLorida

lived in Marshallville

Lived in Wahington

Living with Hezekiah and Elizabeth Tanner 1850 Walton County census. Was Tax Collector and was worth $450

Lorraine, Amance, Monteuil

Louisiana, Caddo Parish

Louisiana, Caddo, Shreveport

Louisiana, Chondrand

Louisiana, DeSota, Mansfield

Louisiana, DeSota, Wallace

Louisiana, DeSoto, Wallace

Louisiana, DeSoto

Louisiana, Farmerville, Union Parish

Louisiana, Farmsville

Louisiana, Greenwood

Louisiana, Lafayette, Lafayette

Louisiana, Lincoln Parish, Ruston

Louisiana, Marrero, St. Charles Mausoleum


Louisiana, Natchitoches, Marthaville

Louisiana, Natchitoches

Louisiana, Ouachita Parish, Monroe

Louisiana, Ouachita Parish

Louisiana, Ruston

Louisiana, Sabine, Grove Hill

Louisiana, Sabine, Pleasant Hill

Louisiana, Sibley, In Carl's home

Louisiana, St. Charles, Luling


Louisiana, Union Parish, Laran

Louisiana, Union Parish

Louisiana, West Monroe, Hasley Cemetery


Louisianna, De Soto

Lunenberg County (now Charlotte County) VA

M. G, by John Wimbish, GA, Upson County

MA, Attleboro

MA, Ayer

MA, Bristol County, Rehoboth

MA, Falls River

MA, Middlesex County, Dracut

Macon Co. GA, near Oglethorpe

Maggie & Kokie

Maine, Lisbon Falls

Marietta City Cemetery

marked, David Smith Family Cemetery

Martin's Cemetery

Maryland Eastern Shore

Maryland, Cecil County

Maryland, Prince George County



Masonic Emblem, GA, Union County, Confidence Cemetery


Massachusetts, Boston


MC, Baltimore

McGee Cemetery, AR, Latimer County

McGee Cemetery, OK, Latimer County

MD near city of Elkton, now Cecil Co., Migrated with family to "New Munster"

MD, Anarundal County, Edgewater

MD, Bethesda

MD, Chevy Chase

MD, Crampton Gap, War Between the States

MD, Crampton's Gap

MD, His will filed in Cecil County

MD, Prince George County, St John's Parish

MD, Worchester County, Sinepuxton


Mecklenburg Co. NC

Methodist Association of GA




Midway Congregational

Mineral Springs Methodist Church

Mississippi page 683, Hinds County

Mississippi, Alcorn County, Tishomingo

Mississippi, Amite County

Mississippi, Buckatunna

Mississippi, Buena Vista

Mississippi, Chickasaw County

Mississippi, Choctaw County

Mississippi, Copiah, Crystal Springs

Mississippi, Copiah

Mississippi, Enterprise

Mississippi, Grand County, Montgomery

Mississippi, Harrison Co., ALLEN CEMETERY

Mississippi, Harrison Co., Allen Cemetery

Mississippi, Harrison Co., Biloxi

Mississippi, Hinds County, Learned

Mississippi, Hinds County, Salem Baptist Church Cemetery

Mississippi, Hinds County

Mississippi, Lexington

Mississippi, Monroe County

Mississippi, near Jackson, Edwards Depot

Mississippi, Newton

Mississippi, Pittsboro Cemetery

Mississippi, Pittsboro

Mississippi, Scott County

Mississippi, Signed his Will in Hinds County

Mississippi, Tishomingo County

Mississippi, Tupelo

Mississippi, Wayne County, Mt. Zion Cemetery

Mississippi, Wayne County

Mississippi, Waynesboro

Mississippi, Webster County, Clarksville

Mississippi, Webster County, Memphis

Mississippi, Webster

Mississippi, Wiggins


Missouri, Callaway County


MN, Fertile

MN, Hennepin County

MO, Barrac County, Jefferson

MO, Bates County, Butler

MO, Cape Girardeau County, Cape Girardeau

MO, Couseyville

MO, Henry County

MO, Memphis

Mo, OFallon

Mo, O'Fallon

MO, Osceola

MO, St Louis

MO, St. Louis

Mo, St. Louis

MO, Stoddard County

Mo. in O'Fallons Assumption cemetary, O'Fallon


Moved to Knox. 1905

Moved to Mecklenburg County in 1760s

MS - War Between the States, Bakers Creek

MS, Adam County, Natchez

MS, Adams County, Natchez

MS, Alcorn County, Rienzi

MS, Alcorn County

MS, Calaiborne County

MS, Calhoun County

MS, Captured in Vicksburg

MS, Caroll County

MS, Carroll County, Vaiden

MS, Carrollton

MS, Clarkson

MS, Clarkston

MS, Cottle County, Yellow Rabbit

MS, Cumberland

MS, Harrison County, Allen Cemetery on 28th St in Long Beach

MS, Harrison County, Allen Cemetery

MS, Harrison County, Biloxi

MS, Harrison County

MS, Hinds County, Jackson

MS, Hinds County, Learned

MS, Houston

MS, Jackson, Lakewood Memoria Park

MS, Jackson, Lakewood Memorial Park

MS, Jefferson County

MS, Kemper County, Dekalb

MS, Kemper County, Electric Mills

MS, Kemper County, Porterville

MS, Lafayette County, Oxford

MS, Learned

MS, Leflore County, Vaiden

MS, Lowden County, Columbus

MS, Marion County, Columbia

MS, Monroe Co., Hatley

MS, Monroe County, Bethlehem Cemetery

MS, Monroe County, Greenwood Springs

MS, Monroe County

MS, Scott Co

MS, Starkville

MS, Sunflower

MS, Tippah County, Ripley, Tippah Memorial Garden Cemetery

MS, Warren Co., Vicksburg

MS, Warren Co

MS, Washington County, Westburg

MS, Webster County

MS, Yalobusha County, Water Valley

MS, Yalobusha, Water Valley


Mt. Pisgah cemetery

Mt. Vetnon Cemetery

Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery


Murray County GA, Crandall

N & SC, PeeDee River Sec, Kershaw Dist

N.J, Morristown

Nashing Parish England, Essex Co


Navy Nuclear School

Navy OCS

NC, Anderson County

NC, Andrews

NC, Anson County, Lilesville

NC, Anson County, Richardson Creek

NC, Anson County

NC, Asheville

NC, Bapt. Church, Tolarsville, Cem, Matthew Powers

NC, Bertie County

NC, Bladen County

NC, Buncombe County, Asheville

NC, Buncombe County, Black Mountain

NC, Buncombe County, Candler Township

NC, Buncombe County, Macedonia Cemetery

NC, Buncombe County, Sandy Mush

NC, Buncombe County, Swannanoa

NC, Buncombe County, West Asheville

NC, Buncombe County

NC, Burke County

NC, Cabarrus County

NC, Caldwell County, Lenoir

NC, Camp Magnum

NC, Canton, Bell Methodist Church Cemetery

NC, Carteret County

NC, Caswell County, Orange

NC, Caswell County

NC, Catawba County, Newton, Eastview Cemetary

NC, Charlotte

NC, Cherokee County, Murphy

NC, Chowan County, Edenton

NC, Chowann County

NC, Clay County

NC, Cleveland County, Shelby

NC, Clyde, Bon-A-Venture Cemetery

NC, Craven County, New Bern

NC, Cumberland County

NC, Davidson County

NC, Duplin County, Haw River

NC, Duplin County

NC, Durham, Sandy Run

NC, Edgecombe County

NC, Edgecombe

NC, Emma, Plains Methodist Church Cemetery

NC, Ft. Bragg

NC, Gilmer CO

NC, Granville County

NC, Green

NC, Greene County

NC, Guilford County, Greensboro

NC, Halifax County

NC, Haywood County, Canton

NC, Haywood County, Waynesville

NC, Haywood County

NC, Iredell County, Mt. Zion Cemetery

NC, Jackson

NC, Johnston County

NC, Johnston

NC, Kings Mountain

NC, Lenoir

NC, Lincoln County, Unity Presbyterian

NC, Lincoln County

NC, Lived in Charlotte

NC, Macon County, Addington Cemetery

NC, Macon County, Burningtown

NC, Macon County, Cartoogechaye

NC, Macon County, Cartooghechaye

NC, Macon County, Ebenezer Church

NC, Macon County, Franklin, 1st Methodis Church

NC, Macon County, Franklin

NC, Macon County, Mt Zion Cemetery

NC, Macon County, Mt Zion Methodist Cemetery

NC, Macon County, Otto

NC, Macon County, Prentice

NC, Macon County

NC, Madison County, Doe Bridge Graveyard

NC, Madison County, Fairview Cemetery

NC, Madison County, Hot Springs

NC, Madison County, Marshall

NC, Madison County, Odd Fellows Cemetery

NC, Madison County

NC, Magistrate - Court of Salisbury

NC, McDowell CO

NC, McDowell County

NC, Meckleberg County, Cornelius

NC, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte

NC, Mecklenburg County, Huntersville

NC, Mecklenburg County, Member of the Committee of Safety

NC, Mecklenburg County

NC, Mecklenburg

NC, Montgomery County

NC, Moore County

NC, Morganton

NC, Murphy

NC, New Bern

NC, New Hanover County

NC, Newton, Mount Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery

NC, Orange County

NC, Orrum, Ward Family Cemetery

NC, Orrum

NC, probably Robeson County

NC, Randolph County, Hillsborough

NC, Randolph County

NC, Richmond County

NC, Roberson County, Lumberton

NC, Robeson County, Antioch Baptist Church

NC, Robeson County, Lumberton

NC, Robeson County, Tolarsville

NC, Robeson County

NC, Rowan County

NC, Rutherford CO

  • ? and ? (Marriage)

NC, Rutherford County, Island Ford

NC, Rutherford County

NC, Sampson County

NC, Shelby

NC, Surrey County

NC, Surry County

NC, Tryon County

NC, Washington

NC, Wayne County

NC, Weaverville

NC, Whiteville

NC, Wilkes County

NC, Winston Salem

NC, Wisharts Township

NC, Yancy County


ND, Fargo

NE, Clark County

NE, Grand Island

NE, Jefferson County, Gladstone

NE, Lexington



Nevada, Las Vegas

Never Married

New Hope Cemetery

New Liberty Baptist Cemetery

New Liberty Cemetery

New Mexico, Alamogordo

New Mexico, Grants

New Mexico

New York, Brooklyn

New York, Elmira

New York, Jay

New York, Nassau County, Great Neck

New York, New York

Newberry Dist. SC

Nichols Cemetery

nickname "Polly"

NJ, Bergen County

NJ, Burlington County, Mansfield Township

NJ, Burlington County

NJ, Cream Ridge

NJ, Cumberland County, Bridgeton

NJ, Monmouth County, Freehold

NJ, Monmouth County, Upper Freehold

NJ, Monmouth County

NJ, Morristown

NJ, New Brunswick


NM, Allison

NM, Bernalillo County, Albuquerque

NM, Hobbs

NM, Kirtland

NM, Lea County, Hobbs

NM, Lea County, Lovington

NM, Roswell

NM, Sanford


North Carolin, Bertie County, Edenton

North Carolina, Bertie County

North Carolina, Bladen County

North Carolina, Currituck County

North Carolina, Franklin, Mt.Zion Cemetery

North Carolina, Granville County

North Carolina, Macon, Ebenezer Cemtry

North Carolina, Macon, Franklin, Methodist Cemtry

North Carolina, Madison County, California Creek

North Carolina, Madison County, Hot Springs

North Carolina, Madison County, Marshall

North Carolina, Mecklenburg County

North Carolina, Pasquotank County

North Carolina, Perquimans County

North Carolina, Rockingham County

North Carolina

North Vietnam - Killed in Action

Northern Ireland, Antrim

not just this property, Owned land all over Meck. Co

NV, Clark County

NV, Elko


NY, Bronx, Bronx

NY, Brooklyn

NY, Kings County, Brooklyn

NY, Kings, Brooklyn

NY, Nassau County, Great Neck

NY, New York County, Manhattan

NY, New York

NY, Ridgewood, Mt Judah Cemetery

NY, Washington County, Greenwich

NY, Yates


Oak Grove Cemetery, Georgia, Sumter County, Americus

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill

Oconee Baptist Church Cemetery

OH, Belmont County

OH, Cincinnati

OH, Clark, Greenplain

OH, Coshocton County, Orange Township

OH, Mahoning County, Youngstonw

OH, Massiallon

OH, Preble Co., Florence

OH, Preble County

OH, Summit County, Barberton

OH, Summit County


Ohio, Akron, Greenlawn Cemetery

Ohio, Akron

Ohio, Barberton

Ohio, Warren

OK, Adair County

OK, Altus

OK, Arnett, De Bolt Cemetery

OK, Bragg

OK, Buck

OK, Buffalo Valley, McGee Cemetery

OK, Buffalo Valley

OK, Carter County

OK, Checotah

OK, Cherokee County, Tahlequah

OK, Cherokee Nation, Going Snake Dist

OK, Cherokee Nation

OK, Choctaw County, Hugo

OK, Cleveland County, Lexington

OK, Cleveland County, Norman

OK, Cleveland County, Slaughterville

OK, Comanche County, Lawton

OK, Devol

OK, Garvin County, Elmore City

OK, Going Snake District

OK, Guymon, Elmhurst Cemetery

OK, Hammond

OK, Hartshourne

OK, Hollis

OK, Howe

OK, Idabel, Denison Cemetery

OK, Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation, Healton

OK, Indian Territory

Ok, Jenks, First Christian Church

Ok, Keota

OK, Latimer County, she and children walked to Buffalo Valley, After divorcing Mendon

OK, Latimer County, Talihina, Buffalo Valley

OK, Latimer County, Talihina

OK, Latimer County

OK, LeFlore County, Summerfield

OK, McAlister

OK, McClain County, Blanchard

OK, McClain County, Purcell

OK, McCuirtain, Holley Creek Cemetery

OK, McCurtain County, Holly Creek Cemetery

OK, McCurtain County, Idabel

OK, McCurtain County, Oak Hill

OK, McCurtain County, Shults

OK, McCurtain County, Wright City

OK, Muscogee County

OK, Muskogee County

OK, Muskogee, Greenhill Cemetery

OK, OK buried in Blanchard, Shaws Funeral Home in Leedy

OK, Oklahoma City

OK, Okmulgee, Henryetta

OK, Pittsburg County, Quinton

OK, Poteau

OK, prob Latimer County

OK, probably in McCurtain County

OK, Purcell

OK, Pushmataha County, Tuskahoma

OK, Pushmataha, Tuskahoma

OK, Quinton

OK, Rogers, Chelsea

OK, Salisaw

Ok, Seminol

OK, Sequoia Dist

OK, Stark County, Canton

OK, Stephens County, Duncan

OK, Stephens County, Marlow

OK, Stillwell

OK, Summerfield

OK, Talihina

OK, Talihma

OK, Tallahaney

Ok, Tulsa

OK, TX CO, Guyman

OK, Washataw County

OK, Washita CO, Port

OK, Washital CO, Port

OK, Wasita CO, Port

OK, Watts County

OK, Weatherford


Oklahoma, Arnett

Oklahoma, Buffalo Valley

Oklahoma, Cherokee Nation, Adair

Oklahoma, Cleveland County, Noble

Oklahoma, Dewey County, Leedey

Oklahoma, Kay County, Ponca City

Oklahoma, Latimer County

Oklahoma, Muskogee County, Porum

Oklahoma, Okemah

Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Sayre

Oklahoma, Shawnee

Oklahoma, Talahina

Oklahoma, Texas CO, Guymon


Old Bainbridge Cemetery

Old home place on Big Creek Road

Olton Cemetery

or 1836

OR, Albany

OR, Brookings

OR, Eugene

OR, La Pine

OR, Lane County, Eugene

OR, Lane County, Veneta

OR, Lane County

OR, Lane, 97401 Eugene

Orange County

Oregon, Eugene



Organized the Houston Association and was first Moderator

Ouachita Co. AR

PA, Adams County, Gettysburg

PA, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh

PA, Belle Vernon

PA, Bucks County, Southampton

PA, Bucks County

PA, Cumberland County

Pa, Lancaster County, Paxtang Twp

PA, outside of Philadelphia, born in Cecil County Maryland

PA, Philadelphia

PA, Warminister

PA, York County, York



Pasadena TX, lives in

Paulding County GA

Pennsylvania / Maryland


Perennial Baptist Cemetary

Philadelphia PA


Piedmont Hospital

Pleasant's Regiment - served 4 years and 20 days, Enlisted Co. D

present 12/1864, Georgia Volunteer Cavalry, 2nd Regiment, Enlisted Co. D

Probably Barbados

Probably in OK

probably in Robeson

probably Mississippi

probably New Mexico

Probably OH

Pulaski County GA, Hawkinsville

Quaker Cemetery, In, Wayne, Richmond

Quaker Church, In, Randolph, Richmond

R & D Garden Club

R. N. in the USMarines - Vietnam War


Redlands CA, lives in

Retired President, United Methodist Women

Returned to GA and enlisted in Co. C 62nd Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry

Rev. R. E. Lyle

Revolutionary soldier

Revolutionary War - Georgia Line Private

Riverside Cemetery

Rock Creek Cemetery

Rockwell Universalist Church

Rome Ga


S. C, Charleston

S.C, Beech Island

S.C, Charleston

S.C, Charlston

S.C, Coosawhatchie

S.C, Newberry

S.C, Pocataligo

S.C, Warrenville, Achen County

S.C, Warrenville

Sawyer Cemetery, Alabama, Lowndes County

SC, 96

SC, 96th District, Lebanon

SC, 96th District

SC, Abbeville District

SC, Abbeville

SC, Aiken County, Perry

SC, Anderson County

SC, Augusta County

SC, Barnwell Co., , Double Ponds Bap Ch Cem

SC, Barnwell Co., , Double Ponds Pap Ch Cem

SC, Barnwell Co., , Salem Methodist Church

SC, Barnwell Co., Salem Methodist Church

SC, Barnwell County, Hilda

SC, Barnwell County

SC, Barnwell

SC, Beaufort County, Pocotaligo

SC, Beaufort County, St. Lukes Parish

SC, Beaufort County

SC, Beech Island

SC, Bluffton

SC, Camden County

SC, Camden, Proved

SC, Charleston County, Charleston

SC, Charleston County, North Charleston, North Charleston United Methodist Church

SC, Charleston

SC, Chester County

SC, Columbia, Old Macedonia Relocation Cemetery

SC, Columbia

SC, Congaree

SC, Cowpen

SC, Craball

SC, Craven, St. Mark's

SC, Darlington County, Darlington

SC, District 96

SC, Edgefied County, Hornes Creek

SC, Edgefield County

SC, Edgefield District

SC, Fairfield County

SC, Fairfield District

SC, Georgetown, by Rev C H Perchard

SC, Georgetown

SC, Govan

SC, Greenville County, Washington District

SC, Greenville County

SC, Greenville

SC, Greenwood County

SC, Hampton County

SC, Holly Grove

SC, Jefferson County

SC, John's Island

SC, Kershaw County, Camden

SC, Kershaw, Camden

SC, Lancaster County

SC, Laurens County

SC, Laurens

SC, Lee County, Heriots

SC, Lowdesville

SC, Marion County

SC, Marion Distirct

SC, Marion

SC, Moncks Corner Berkeley County

SC, Newberry County, Bush River

SC, Newberry County

SC, Newberry District, Duncan's Creek

SC, Newberry District

SC, Newberry, Bush River

SC, Old 96 District

SC, Old Pendleton District

SC, Orange County

SC, Orangeburg County

SC, Orangeburg

SC, Pee Dee, Wesmouth

SC, Pendleton County

SC, Pendleton District

SC, Richland County, Columbia

SC, Richland County

SC, Richmond, Columbia

SC, Spartanburg County

SC, Spartanburg

SC, Spartenburg

SC, Sumter County, Liberty Hall

SC, Sumter County

SC, Sumter

SC, Tee Pee, Topsail

SC, Union County, 96Th District

SC, Union County, Cane Creek Mm

SC, Union County

SC, Williamsburg County, Johnson

SC, Willington



Schley County GA census

Scotland, Aberdeen

Scotland, Campbell

Scotland, Dumfries, Glencairn

Scotland, Fife

Scotland, Invernay

Scotland, Inverness-Shire, Isle Skye

Scotland, Isle of Skye


SD, Pennington County, Rapid City

Served Georgia Enlisted F Co. 16th Inf Reg. GA

Sgt Co C 403 Labor Bn QMC WWI


Shreveport LA, lives in

sick, Absent

signed Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence


South Carolina, Aiken County

South Carolina, Orangeburg County

South Carolina, Union County

South Carolina

South Pacific, WWII. Enlisted 22 Nov 1944. Discharged 10 April 1946. Phillipine Islands, USNR, Seaman 2nd Class, US Navy

Spain, Barcelona

Spain, Y Villa de Morro


St. Joseph Rectory


Switzerland, Basel, Zelingen

Switzerland, Blonay

Switzerland, CHE, Zurich

Switzerland, Geneva

Switzerland, Lausanne

Switzerland, L'Isle

Switzerland, Lucerne, Schupfheim

Switzerland, Morges


SX, Orangeburg County

Sycamore GA

Sycamore, moved to Prospect Cemetery, GA Mary Henderson Cemetery, Turner County

Tacoma Washington, Old Soldier's Cemetary


Tampa FL, Myrtle Hill Cemetery


Temple Bapt, CA, Bernardino, Redlands

Tennessee, Fayette County

Tennessee, Knoxville

Tennessee, La Grange

Tennessee, Nashville

Tennessee, Polk County, Oconee

Tennessee, Shelby, Memphis

Tennessee, Sullivan County

Tennessee, Wilson


Texas, Amarillo, Ioof Cemetery

Texas, Bay City

Texas, Bell

Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio

Texas, Brazoria County

Texas, Caldwell, Luling

Texas, Center

Texas, Clute

Texas, Collin County, McKinney

Texas, Collin County

Texas, Coryell County

Texas, Dallas Co., Restland Mem Cem

Texas, Dallas County, Grand Prairie

Texas, Dallas County

Texas, Dallas

Texas, Dangerfield

Texas, Fisher County, Mccauley

Texas, Floydada

Texas, Freestone, Armour

Texas, Galveston

Texas, Grayson County, Denison

Texas, Grayson County, Evergreen Cemetery

Texas, Gregg County, Buried: Danville Cemetery

Texas, Gregg County, Dancille Cemetary

Texas, Gregg County, Danville Cemetery

Texas, Gregg County

Texas, Guadalupe, Seguin

Texas, Harris County, Austin

Texas, Harris County, Houston

Texas, Harris County, Pascedena

Texas, Harris County

Texas, Harris, Houston

Texas, Harris, Pasadena

Texas, Harrison County

Texas, Hondo

Texas, Houston

Texas, Hunt County

Texas, Jefferson County

Texas, Kilgore, First Baptist Church

Texas, Liberty, Cleveland

Texas, Limestone, Mexia

Texas, Longview

Texas, Magnolia

Texas, Marshall

Texas, McLennan County, Waco

Texas, McLennan County

Texas, Morgan Mill, High Tower Cemetery

Texas, Morgan Mill

Texas, Nolan

Texas, Port Arthur

Texas, Potter, Amarillo

Texas, Rains County, Emery

Texas, Rusk County, Forest Home Baptist Church

Texas, Rusk County

Texas, San Augustine

Texas, San Patricio, Ingleside

Texas, San Patricio, Prairie View Cem

Texas, Shelby County, Center

Texas, Smith County

Texas, Tarrant County

Texas, Texarkana

Texas, Tyler, Center Cemeter

Texas, Tyler, Center Cemetery

Texas, Tyler

Texas, Upshur County, Big Sandy

Texas, Van Zandt County, Wills Point

Texas, Waco

Texas, Wood Co., Mineola, Turner Cemetery

Texas, Wood Co., Mineola

Texas, Wood Co., Mount Pisgah Cem

Texas, Wood Co., Quitman

Texas, Wood County, ? Buried: Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Texas, Wood County, Mineola, Turner Cemetery

Texas, Wood County, Mineola

Texas, Wood County, Mt. Pisgah Cemetary

Texas, Wood County, Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Texas, Wood County, Quitman

Texas, Wood County, Turner Cemetry

Texas, Wood County

Texas, Wood, Alba, Enon Cem


Texs, Gregg Cty

The Netherlands

then New Mexico, lived Ellijay Ga. until abt. 1891

Tickanetly Cemetery

TN, Alcoa

TN, Anderson County

TN, Blount County, Alcoa

TN, Blount County

TN, Bradley CO, Benton

TN, Bradley CO, Cleveland

TN, Bradley County

TN, Carroll County

TN, Chattanooga

TN, Cleveland

TN, Cocke County

TN, Dandridge

TN, Dunlap

TN, Fairfield Glade

TN, Fayette

TN, Gatlinburg

TN, Gibson County, Humboldt

TN, Gibson County

TN, Hamilton County, Chattanogga

TN, Hamilton County, Chattanooga

TN, Hamilton County

TN, Harriman

TN, Harrogate

TN, Henderson County, Scotts Hill

TN, Henderson County

TN, Hickman County

TN, Hixon

TN, Kingsport

TN, Knox County, Knoxville

TN, Knox County

TN, Knoxville, North Hills Baptist

TN, Knoxville

TN, Lewisburg

TN, Macon County, Lafayette

TN, Maryville

TN, McMinn County, Etowah

TN, McMinn County

TN, McNairy County

TN, Memphis

TN, Monroe Co

TN, Monroe County

TN, Monroe, Mt. Vernon

TN, Montgomery County, Clarksville

TN, Morristown

TN, Mt. Juliet

TN, Murfreesboro

TN, Nashville

TN, Oakridge

TN, Polk County, Cookson's Creek Cemetery

TN, Polk County, Dog Town, McJunkin Graveyard

TN, Polk County, Ducktown

TN, Polk County

TN, Reliance

TN, Rhea County

TN, Roane County

TN, Robertson County

TN, Rutherford County, Smyrna

TN, Rutherford County

TN, Shelby County, Memphis

TN, Shelby County, Wyalusing

TN, Sullivan, Bolling Fam Cem

TN, Sumner County

TN, Took oath of allegiance to the US Government in Chattanooga

TN, Unicoi

TN, Washington County, Johnson City

TN, White County

TN, Williamson County

TN, Wilson County


to Georgia from Virginia with Elizabeth

Transferred to Co. C 8th Regiment GA Calvery

Transferred to the 8th GA Calvery

TT, Gilmer

Turkey, Istanbul

Two draws in the 1819 Georgia Land Lottery

TX with her family, From GA to Waco

TX, Acrews County

TX, Alto

TX, Angelina County

TX, Atlanta

TX, Austin County

TX, Bay City

TX, Baylor County

TX, Bell County

TX, Bexar County, San Antonio

TX, Bexar County

TX, Bosque County

TX, Bowie County, Hillcrest Cemetery

TX, Bowie County, Red Lick Cemetery

TX, Bowie County, Texarkana

TX, Bowie County

TX, Bowie, Texarkana

TX, Brazos County

TX, Brown County, Brownwood

TX, Brown County, Thrifty

TX, Burnet County

TX, Burnett

TX, Cameron County

TX, Camp County

Tx, Carthage

TX, Cedar Bayou

TX, Cherokee County, Troup

TX, Cherokee County

TX, Childress

TX, China Springs

TX, Clay County

TX, Cleveland

TX, Coleman County, Coleman

TX, Coleman County, Santa Anna

TX, Collin County, Wylie

TX, Collin County

TX, Collins County

TX, Comanche County

TX, Cooke County, Gainesville

TX, Corsicana

TX, Coryell, Eagle Springs Cemetary

TX, Coryell

Tx, Daingerfield

TX, Dallas County, Dallas

TX, Dallas County, Garland

TX, Dallas County, Irving

TX, Dallas County

TX, Dallas, 75040 Garland

TX, Dallas

TX, Dawson County, Lamesa

TX, Denton, Holford Prairie

TX, Denton

TX, Dewitt County, Yorktown

TX, Dexter

TX, Dickens County, Afton

TX, Dickens County

TX, Eastland CO, Near Ranger

TX, Eastland County, Rising Star

TX, Eastland County

TX, Ector County

TX, El Paso County

TX, Ellis County, Waxahache

TX, Ellis County

TX, Erath County, Duffau

TX, Ettowah County

TX, Fayette County, Flatonia

TX, Fayette County

TX, Ferns

TX, Floyd County

TX, Fort Worth

TX, Franklin County

TX, Gaines County, Seminole

TX, Garza County

TX, Gilmer

Tx, Gilmer

TX, Gregg County

TX, Gregg County, Danville Cemetery Near Kilgore

TX, Gregg County, Gladewater

TX, Gregg County, Kilgore

TX, Gregg County, Longview

TX, Gregg County

TX, Hale County

TX, Hall County

TX, Hardin County

TX, Harris County, Baytown

TX, Harris County, Houston

TX, Harris County

TX, Harrison County, Hallsville

TX, Haskell County

TX, Haskell

TX, Hemphill County

TX, Her parents house in Waco

TX, Hill County, Abbott

TX, Hill County, Peoria

TX, Hockley County, Levelland

TX, Hondo

TX, Houston, Brookside Cemetery

Tx, Houston

TX, Howard County

TX, Hunt County

TX, Illinois Bend

TX, Jacksonville

TX, Jefferson County

TX, Jefferson

TX, Johnson County

TX, Johnson, 76031 Cleburne

TX, Jones County, Anson

TX, Jones County

TX, Kaufman County

TX, Kaufman, 75147 Mabank

TX, Kilgore

TX, Kimble County, Junction

TX, Kimble County

TX, LaGrange County, Fayette

TX, Lamar County, Paris

TX, Lamar County

TX, Lamb County

TX, Lampasas County

TX, Lampasas County

TX, Lea County, Eunice

Tx, Linden

Tx, Longview, Grace Hill Cemetery

TX, Longview

Tx, Longview

TX, Longview

TX, Lovelady

TX, Lubbock County

TX, Lubbock

TX, Marion County

TX, Marlin Falls

Tx, Marshall

TX, Matagorda County

TX, McLennan County, Waco (Bellmead), Greenwood Cemetery

TX, McLennan County, Waco, Greenwood Cemetery

Tx, McLennan County, West

TX, McLennan County

TX, Mclennan County

TX, McLennan County

TX, Mclennan, 76524 Eddy

TX, McLennon County, Waco

TX, Mineola. Wood County

TX, Mineola

Tx, Mineola

TX, Montgomery County, Conroe

TX, Morris County

TX, Motley County, Matador

TX, Motley County, Roaring Springs

TX, Mt. Pleasant

TX, Navarro, Corsicana, Restland Cem

TX, Palo Pinto CO

TX, Parker County

TX, Pecos County, Fort Stockton

Tx, Pittsburg

TX, Plainview, Plainview Cemetery

TX, Plainview

TX, Potter County, Amarillo

TX, Potter County

TX, Rains County, Emory

TX, Rockwall County

TX, Roosevelt

TX, Runnells County, Crews

TX, Rusk County, Henderson

TX, Rusk County

TX, San Angelo

Tx, San Antonio

TX, San Saba County, San Saba

TX, Santa Clara County

TX, Shelby County, Timpson

TX, Shelby County


TX, Smith County, Tyler, Antioch Cemetery

TX, Smith County, Tyler, Center Cemetery

TX, Smith County, Tyler

TX, Smith County

TX, Starr County

TX, Tarrant County, Arlington

TX, Tarrant County

TX, Taylor County, Abilene

TX, Taylor County, Merkel

TX, Temple

Tx, Texarkana

TX, Tom Green County

TX, Tom Green, 76901 San Angelo

TX, Travis Co

TX, Trinity County, Groveton

TX, Tyler

TX, Upshur County, Big Sandy

TX, Upshur County, Kelsey (Gilmer)

TX, Van Buren County

TX, Van Zandt County

Tx, Waco

TX, Ward County, Grandfalls

TX, Ward County

TX, Wells

TX, Williamson County, Florence

TX, Williamson County

TX, Winkler County

TX, Wood County, Alba

TX, Wood County, Hainesville, Mount Pisgah Cemetery

TX, Wood County, Hainesville

TX, Wood County, Mineola, Roselawn Memorial Gardens

TX, Wood County, Mineola

TX, Wood County, Mt. Pisgue Cemetery

TX, Wood County, Pine Mill

TX, Wood County, Roselawn Cemetery

TX, Wood County, Turner Cemetery

TX, Wood County

TX, Wood, Hainesville

TX, Wood, Mineola

TX, Wood, Near Hainesville, Mount Pisgah Cemetery

TX, Woods County, Hawkins

Tx. Mission Cemetary, San Antonio


Tyler TX, Memorial Park Cemetery


Union County Arkansas Census

Union Parish, Beech Grove Cemetary







unmarked, David Smith Family Cemetery

Upson County GA census

Upson County GA


US Army Sp. 4 Korea



UT, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City

UT, Salt Lake County, South Cottonwood


VA - Civil War

VA - Confederate War

VA Farmham Parish, Richmond County

VA Norht Farnham, Richmond County

VA hospital, Richmond

VA in the War Between the States, Richmond

VA or PA

VA, Accomac County

VA, Albemarle Co, St. Ann's Par

VA, Albemarle Co

VA, Albemarle County

VA, Albemarle Parish

VA, Alexandria

VA, Amelia County

VA, Amhearst County

VA, Amhearst

VA, Amherst Co

VA, Amhurst County, Amhurst

VA, Amhurst

VA, Augusta

VA, Bedford Co

VA, Bedford County

VA, Bristol

VA, Brunswick City

VA, Brunswick County

VA, Buckingham

VA, Caroline Co

VA, Caroline County

VA, Charles City

VA, Charlotte County

VA, Chesterfield County

VA, Cold Harbor

VA, Culpeper County

VA, Culpepper County, Appomatax Creek

VA, Culpepper County

VA, Cumberland Co

VA, Cumberland County, Burnt Tree Cem

VA, Cumberland County, Cat Tail Branch

VA, Danville

VA, Dinwiddie County

VA, Drewry's Bluff

VA, Essex County

VA, Fairfax

VA, Faquier or Franklin Co

VA, Fauquier Co

VA, Fluvanna

VA, Franklin Co

VA, Franklin County

Va, Frederick Co

VA, Goochland County, Northam, St.James

VA, Goochland County

VA, Goochland

VA, Green County, Greensboro

VA, Halifax County

VA, Hampshire County

VA, Hanover Co

VA, Hanover County

VA, Henrico County, Bristol Parish

VA, Henrico County, Conjurer's Neck

VA, Henrico County, Dale Parish

VA, Henrico County, Old Town

VA, Henrico County, Turkey Island

VA, Henrico County

VA, Henrico

VA, Henry

VA, Isle of Wight Co